Overcoming cyber security threats with Data room software

Nowadays due to the rapid digitalization of business, the negative trend – cybercrime – is intensifying. How to protect yourself? Here is more about data room as a means of data protection.

World trends of cybercrime development

The rapid development of information technology, which we have seen in the last decade, is inexorably accompanied by the dynamic development of crimes in this area.Today, almost all information technology experts acknowledge that the situation with cybercrime in the world is deteriorating. Organized crime is increasingly using the Internet to cover up its activities.

Cyberspace is limitless, and experienced hackers have all the necessary skills and tools to remain incognito. Today, cyber-attacks harm not only individuals and legal entities but also states.

The most common types of cybercrime are:

  • Carding – fraudulent credit card transactions (credit card details) that are not approved by the cardholder. This can be theft or illegal receipt of a credit card, copying the card data for further forgery, copying the details of the card for online purchases without the participation of the cardholder. To achieve this goal, attackers come up with a variety of ways to obtain the necessary information from inattentive and gullible citizens. One such method is phishing.
  • Phishing – fraudulent actions aimed at extorting card details from its holder. Usually, the credit card holder voluntarily informs the fraudsters of the necessary information.
  • Hacking is the intentional act of tampering with software or system by bypassing a security mechanism to gain unauthorized access to specific software or system.

Use Virtual Data Room to overcome cyber security threats

Protection against cybercriminals is needed not only by big business and government agencies. Hackers attack both startups and small local companies. Today policies to combat cybercrime are carried out by various means. One of such measures is using Virtual Data Room for corporate data protection.

Digital Data Room is a comprehensive service that operates based on the SaaS model and provides multi-level protection against cyberattacks aimed at restricting access to IT systems or business resources.The service tracks the structure and directions of traffic coming from the Internet to the client’s resources. If the system detects a deviation, it automatically directs the traffic for cleaning and already filtered it reaches the client.

Data Room uses the following measures to overcome cyber security threats:

  • Multifactor authentication.

When logging in – verify your identity in an additional way (in addition to the password – enter the dynamic PIN code that came to the e-mail or mobile, etc.). Multi-factor authentication can significantly reduce the likelihood of identity theft on the Internet, as knowing the victim’s password is not enough to commit fraud, you need to have other devices and more advanced personal information.

  • Data encryption.

For businesses that work with customers and store a lot of their personal information – this is a must-have. Algorithmic (cryptographic) data conversion changes the data to a cipher, which is quite difficult to lead to a “readable” format without a special secret key. There are many such programs now: TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt, AxCrypt, etc.

  • Constant updating of systems.

All licensed programs constantly update their software. Hundreds of thousands of new types of viruses / Trojans are created each year to bypass the protection of existing systems. That’s why programs perform routine updates, expanding the virus base of your application, thereby strengthening the “immunity” of your PC.

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