Is McAfee Good for Virus Removal?

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Some laptops have it pre-installed, Adobe products offer this antivirus when users download its products. There are other ways one got this software. Regardless of that, it’s one of the leaders in this industry. Yet, users can have lots of questions about it. Is McAfee good? Can it remove viruses? Does it offer extra tools for malware protection? Let’s discuss the answers to all these questions in the article below.

Is McAfee good?

Since McAfee has very low minimum requirements, the program is well-suited for most modern devices that run on Mac OS or Windows.

Independent testing labs have proved that it scores 100% detecting phishing sites. The program efficiently blocks this kind of threat. It’s also good detecting and stopping other malware (but the score is not 100%).

This company also offers a live chat or email support helping users deal with software issues, billing problems, and other situations regarding McAfee.

When a user picks one of the premium plans, he will be able to cover multiple devices securing all the household gadgets with one license.

On the other hand, every honest review mentions several drawbacks this program has. Firstly, McAfee has a rather confusing interface. Secondly, its price tag is bigger than average even if you take into account multiple device coverage.  Finally, there is malware this antivirus doesn’t detect or stop. The developers should treat the latter seriously and improve the quality of protection.

Can McAfee remove viruses?

The short answer is yes. The company offers virus removal guarantee. It means that in case a user fails to remove a virus from his device, tech support will do it remotely. It’s one of the reasons the software is so popular and respected. The promise of 100% virus removal makes it very alluring and secure.

Virus removal guarantee is a great advantage that sets McAfee aside from the rest of the options on the modern market. This is a very convenient solution for inexperienced users or those who need to be sure there’s help.

It’s enough to contact the support team and explain your issue to get professional assistance.

What extra tools does the antivirus solution offer?

The users get a bundle of extra features. However, it differs based on the package they pick. There are a few options. The simplest one is a free edition. Surely, it has only the basic features. When a user upgrades, he gets high-level protection with extra utilities:

  • Users get a new ransomware guard that received high scores detecting zero-day threats. Independent testing labs have tested this feature and proved its efficiency. The ransomware guard observes all the activities in the background and blocks threats the moment it notices the firsts symptoms of malicious activity.
  • A bundle may include a personal firewall. The company has a very convenient edition of this feature. Unlike firewalls from some other antivirus programs, this one won’t bring users tons of notification and pop-up windows. The firewall makes most of the decisions internally notifying users only when it’s inevitable.
  • A password manager comes in most bundles. It’s a widespread feature for most antiviruses. McAfee’s version doesn’t stand out delivering the same kind of personal data protection.

There are some optimization tools and scanning modes. Together they secure smooth performance and virus-free devices.